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Cool story bro.

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I've been trying to think of things that I could blog about and I don't think I could come up with anything particularly interesting. So mindless drivel it is.

Most of my thoughts at the moment are consumed with Swedish movies that I've watched recently, and fate stay night; All of which I think I'm going to make sigs for. It's bad of me because there were a few requests in the sig service that I said I was going to do, but now...well...I'll do them later.

Look at how ugly my 'Let the Right One In' sig is! ^_^


I'll make it better though
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  1. Clo's Avatar
    I thought Let the Right One In was a very cool movie. I think I may have enjoyed it's aesthetics more than the plot.
  2. Pheesh's Avatar
    I adored everything about it, I thought it was an amazingly beautiful movie like few others I've seen recently (foreign films tend to do this a lot as well; eg. The Orphanage). There was an online review that pointed out how beautiful scenes like Eli going into his house uninvited even though she knew it's cause her pain were, and I have to agree. I thought those kids (especially her) acted the hell out of that movie.

    I see your point though, because at the end of the day the plot is basically just 'twilight done properly', no?
  3. Clo's Avatar
    Actually, I didn't think that at all about the plot. It's the characterization that made me inevitably appreciate the aesthetics above all else. I wanted to know more about Oskar's father and Eli's history, and I understand it might have been a minimalist approach to the storytelling/characterization, but it was the lack of this exploration that took the film down a few notches for me.

    I still really liked the movie though.
  4. NeoCracker's Avatar
    Well, if you're focusing on Fate/Stay Night Sigs, you should totally make me one with that darling little princess who commands Berserker.

    I can never remember the spelling.
  5. Pheesh's Avatar
    Illya? Can do.

    I was gonna try make a whole bunch, so I'll add that to the list.