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So, you want to start a blog?

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I do. :3

I have wanted to start one for a while. I enjoy writing stuff, and a blog seems to be a good way to get writing. I just have no idea what I'd even begin to blog about. I tried to start one a while back, but it entirely fell to the wayside due to lack of content and imagination to make some.

Guess that's a problem, the lack of imagination. I want to do something that not only is interesting to me, but also interesting for others to read. I mean, I could ramble on about anything for ages, but I'd also like to have something that people go away thinking "That wasn't a complete waste of my life". Guess I'll never know if people find what I have to say interesting until I just go for it. Hmm, it seems I have some fear of actually trying to deal with as well.

Having something to consistently talk about too would be good, but I don't think the world needs another blog dedicated to talking about video games or movies. xD Not unless I do something interesting with it, so it's not just another generic VG/movie/whatever blog. Even I am bored by the idea of such a thing. Oh, if only I had more hobbies, this would be slightly easier. Maybe.

Guess all in all, I'm just posting out of curiosity to those who have started blogs or whatever. How did you decide what to blog about? Any tips for an aspiring blogger? Anything I should take into account when I do start writing?

(Looking back on it, this may have been a good idea for a thread somewhere... Nah, I don't make threads outside of the Feedback forum, what nonsense. )
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  1. TrollHunter's Avatar
    I find that writing about whatever is on your mind is a good place to start. It doesn't need to be serious whatsoever but just something to get a huge rant started. Don't try to force an idea out because that never seems to end well. (at least in my case)
    Brainstorming about nothing can easily turn into a huge rant about something that can spur the interest of a lot of people.
  2. Jiro's Avatar
    Start causing shenanigans and write about that!

    Seriously I dunno what to write about either. Here I am wanting to work in magazines and I can't even write a goddamn blog, let alone a feature. Oy vey.
  3. Raistlin's Avatar
    I blog about things I'm interested in or amuse me. It helps that I'm passionate about some issues like the US Constitution, criminal justice reform, religion/atheism, and science. I write stuff that interests me when I have the urge to write or rant or laugh about. If somebody else reads it, all the better, but I don't write for that. You shouldn't cater to what other people want*; that would just increase the likelihood of you not wanting to keep doing it after a few entries.

    You don't even need a real topic to start blogging here. You can try writing about a lot of things and see what keeps your interest.

    *caveat: you probably shouldn't just write about details of your life. Unless it adds some sort of commentary or is hilarious.
  4. Shlup's Avatar
    My non-EoFF blog was about lots of things, but I got sick of talking about myself. And the stuff that wasn't all about me would get more traffic if I posted it elsewhere, so I don't really update it anymore. You can look at it here if you want an example. There's a blog networking site called 20 Something Bloggers that's helpful, though the vast majority of blog networking is an "I'll pretend to read your stuff in order to obligate you to read mine" narcissistic circlejerk.

    Most of my traffic was from Sims 3 content I made.
  5. Hollycat's Avatar
    if you come up with a blog I will design one for you if you ask nicely