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Jiro made a thread about blogs in the staff forum and it got me thinking about... well, blogs. I haven't posted one in a while so I figured I may as well. Here's a very quick and pointless run-down on what's going on in my world.

I went to the Isle of Arran on Saturday for a nice trip, partly because some of Danielle's family were also going there, partly because it was a means to catching up with Mo & Abbey who we met there last time and partly because it was a nice place to go a day after Danielle & I celebrated ouf 5th anniversary. It was a proper delight, although the amount of activity I did on the weekend made Monday evening one of the most boring nights ever. I think I abused Facebook fairly well that night to pass the time. The thing that occured to me post-Arran is something that surprised myself about my life. Kids.

No, not my own kids, I don't have any of them and don't intend on having them for some time to come. But kids in general. Hanging out with Abbey and Louise that day for a while and having a proper laugh, it made me miss having younger people to hang around every now and then. The great thing about younger people is they are very talented at being stupid and silly, and I enjoy doing this on occasion. Now, I'm not saying I want to be like that every day, or even every week. Danielle is certainly silly enough for me to get the odd taste. But then it dawned on me that we don't know any kids. It's a weird thing. We just... don't. Abbey, at the age of fifteen, is probably the youngest person I know in this country and even then we only meet up once a year during those trips to Arran. Do we know anyone younger at all in this country? Perhaps someone on EoFF, but I don't think so... and there is Adam, Abbey's brother, but I don't really know him, he does his own thing. Danielle's youngest sibling, Ben, is 16.

When I was in NZ, I knew loads of kids. Like, they were everywhere, man. I even have a couple of little nieces over there now that I've never met, and my sister has a third due any day now. They won't be coming over with her to our wedding, though, whenever that happens. This means it is extremely unlikely we'll have anyone at our wedding that will be 18 or under. Great for legal drinking and all, but not so great for the idea of flower girls and whatnot. But so be it, I'm okay with that. I just find it so weird that after spending nine years in this country I do not know any children whatsoever.

I rather enjoyed my time hanging out with my younger siblings in NZ and we got along great, and I would have no problem babysitting anyone or just talking to younger cousins or keeping the kids of visiting families occupied and making sure they don't get into trouble. So for me, someone who has no problem getting along with kids, I find it a little sad that I don't know any. I'm not going to go out of my way to meet them, that's creepy. But it's a shame, because while Danielle is most certainly one of the silliest people I know, the great thing about younger kids is that they don't roll their eyes at me when I do something stupid, they just enjoy it with a good laugh and I do the same for them. I guess I just miss the silliness of youth. It's a nice break from the boring old seriousness of us elderly. xD

And that's my blog entry for the day, I guess. I shall try to remember to do them more often (and probably fail).
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  1. I Don't Need A Name's Avatar
    I'll be a flower girl
  2. Shattered Dreamer's Avatar
    Kids just seem to have a way of manufacturing a fun environments I think. I have 3 younger siblings, the youngest of which is 10 & something when I'm in a bad mood I love to hang around her for an hour or 2 because within 10 minutes she tends to make the BS of adult life seem totally irrelevant. I wonder at exactly what point we all lose the ability to have that silly kind of fun?
  3. Jiro's Avatar
    I will find children and bring them with me to the wedding. I have cousins who should still be adorable. A fair few of my graduating class are giving birth soon too so they should be walking at least.

    What's the first word of this blog? Jiro.
  4. Loony BoB's Avatar
    Dreamer: My guess is 18. I think it's around the point that you get actually gain responsibility, anyway, so I suppose that's different for many people. I do actually know a 30-something year old who is rather silly. And I'm 27, and most people say I act five. But yeah, it's something I find to be rather unique to younger people is the ability to not only be silly, but to be accepted and appreciated for your silliness. =]
  5. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    Me and all of my friends and Corpus have younger siblings, and so the siblings eventually became part of our circle of friends, so all of my friends range from 12-20 xD
  6. Shattered Dreamer's Avatar