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Too good to be true

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I just found FF7 at a second hand store, regular nonplatinum pal edition for $5. I keep expecting to find something wrong with it but it seems legit, though the case has a few cracks.

Did the price of physical FF games fall since their release on psn or am I just extremely lucky?
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  1. I Don't Need A Name's Avatar
    You're freaking lucky. I saw a platinum edition of VIII for 25. VII I would expect to be much more expensive..
  2. Loony BoB's Avatar
    When all else fails, compare the price on eBay to find out whether it's good value or not. But $5 sound extremely cheap and I'd say you just got yourself a very, very good deal. I think 10 is more realistic value given how many copies were made.
  3. Jiro's Avatar
    Not if you live here. The price is $120
  4. Loony BoB's Avatar
    Mental note: Before going back to NZ, buy many copies of FFVII on eBay and resell to Australians.
  5. blackmage_nuke's Avatar
    It wasnt a game shop or anything, just a second hand store like cash convertors, I dont think they knew the value of what they were selling.
  6. Hollycat's Avatar
    cheapest ive ever seen is $50
  7. rubah's Avatar
    10 would've been reasonable back before Advent Children came out.
  8. Loony BoB's Avatar
    Checked now that I'm at home. Cheapest sale on eBay going by the completed listings is 2.99, most expensive 27.49 (opened game) / 30.55 (new). Averages around 15 or so. $5 being around 3, you got a great deal.
  9. Shaibana's Avatar
    Bought it @ psn o for 9,99 euros
  10. -JJ-'s Avatar
    I was after FFVI for PS, so I asked the staff at Gamestation if they had any Final Fantasy games that were pre-ps2, and she said when they do get pre-ps2 ones in, they sell them for 5, which surprised me.
    Still I got my FFVII from infamous Ebay for 18 quid, original, works 100% ^.^
  11. sharkythesharkdogg's Avatar
    That whole price thing is why I don't sell my old games, and why some of them I have to play on a modded Xbox. There's no smurfing way I'm going to pay $80 for a used copy of Super Mario RPG. Don't even ask how much a new in the box copy can run you.