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Bitch moved out yesterday.

I didn't think to make her give her keys back. I texted her and told her we need them like yesterday. And she also still owes us $100. She's expecting a package or something though, so.

She left with the married French guy which made us LOL cuz yeah.

So we're alllooooonnneeee now! I'm so ecstatic.
I took a bath and left the door wide open. Kitty tried to save me. haha. She grabbed my fingers in her mouth and tried to pull me out.

And she's been otherwise stalking me while I'm in the bathroom

we've also maybe hopefully found an apartment! Just gotta get credit approved, go see it, and pay the deposits. Which will all happen next month.

And they allow big dogs & actually -want- us to be in a 2 year lease, so it works out perfectly!

I'm so ridiculously happy right now.

Fingers crossed it all works out!!

Also - talked to my girl for a little while last night. I told her about all the things we have planned for her -Statue of Liberty, picnics in Central Park, Central Park Zoo, the aquarium, Coney Island, camping, Fireworks on the 4th of July, shopping, mani-pedis, the beach, the museum, & a ton of other things... and I told her about the new Sailor Moon coming out.

She's soooo excited. And of course, I am too!

I told her about FAO Schwartz and she said "Oh mommy! I have 32 dollars! Will that be enough to get a toy there? Can we put money together and get something good?"

Ugh. So freaking sweet .

I also get her a day early!! My sister was trying to bring her June 15, but they couldn't swing a flight for that day. P doesn't get outta school until June 12- So. Lame. But. I get her for an extra day. Jay is gonna leave school early so that we can go pick her up from the airport. Her GF is flying her up.

EEEEE! I can't wait for her to get here!

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