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that last little bit.

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Ok so I've been gone. I'm in my Sr year of school and honestly it's kicking my butt. I was suppose to graduate in Sept but the school messed up and hasn't scheduled me for a class I have to take before I can graduate, and I failed a class and have to retake it, so yeah things got pushed back to Nov, which isn't too bad, I mean it'll be a nice birthday gift from the school to get that diploma! anyway, that's where i've been mostly up to my elbows in school work. Blargh….


  1. Shorty's Avatar
    I hope it goes well for you! Graduating late isn't a bad thing, honestly, it's so common nowadays.
  2. Psychotic's Avatar
    Hang in there!
  3. Freya's Avatar
    Not too much longer! At least it's only one class and not a huge workload.
  4. Calliope's Avatar
    Keep up the study!
  5. radicaledward124's Avatar
    Thanks guys!! I'm just so brain dead most days when i finish I just well die. LOL!! I can't wait to be done and this month I get to build a level again this time with more freedom than before. I can't wait to really get started, if only my windows laptops wouldn't die on me.