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This Month for shion

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I had a very eventful month with my 365 things in 365 days. Here is what I did in May!

I organized my desk and have done a good job of keeping it that way
I messaged a member I don't know very well in an attempt to get to know them better, and didn't receive much success
I tried a new kind of bakery bread and very much enjoyed it
I went to a fair and had a lot of fun, and even won a teddy bear
I tried a new flavored water and didn't like it very much
I watched a non-stop marathon of One Tree Hill
I made rice crispy squares and they were delicious
I played Cards Against Humanity with some of our chat members and had a lot of fun
I planted some flowers and appreciated their beauty
I change forum sets which I've done again since
I wore my boyfriend's clothing for a whole day
I lifted weights for a long 10 minutes
I bought some couch pillows which I now use to snuggle with on the couch
I took some silly online personality quizzes and found out I'm a Ford Ranger
I organized my closet and have managed to keep it clean
I sewed up Sneezer Bear a stuffed bear I made
I got an article published to the frontsite which was a review of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm
I ordered something online, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy for a future challenge
I drew 10 things in a day some better than others
I finished Chrono Trigger and thoroughly enjoyed it
I stuffed my face at a buffet with some of my favorite foods
I window shopped for furniture and found some great pieces
I got a haircut that I absolutely loved, and also gained some tips on straightening my hair
I identified animal tracks in the woods outside
I wrote a song and sang it for the Ciddies
I submitted a picture of Selphie to the fanart showcase of the week which was posted Friday
I told someone how special they were and hope it put a smile on their face
I donated some clothing to Goodwill
I tried a new kind of chili and was quite satisfied
I participated in an EoFF event possibly THE EoFF event, THE CIDDIES!!

Made a lot of good memories this month, looking forward to next month!
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  1. Freya's Avatar
    You're doing so awesome at this 365 thing. I occasionally will click your sig link and see what you're doing. I don't think I could keep that up like you do. GO SHION!
  2. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Thanks Kaycee! Some days are hard to motivate myself to do it but I'm always glad I did afterwards. I love looking back at the month and seeing everything I've accomplished. Even silly little things. It makes me happy.
  3. LocoColt04's Avatar
    Yeah, silly things like that OTH marathon. I don't know why you'd do that to yourself. <3
  4. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Go away Loco. You aren't invited to my birthday party >:[
    Updated 06-03-2014 at 06:52 AM by Pumpkin
  5. LocoColt04's Avatar
    If your birthday party is a OTH marathon, I will respectfully decline.
  6. Pumpkin's Avatar
    No, it was gonna be super kool w/dragons n stuff and like my mom was gonna give out cookies and money but you burned that bridge

    you burned it
  7. Calliope's Avatar
    You're doing really great at keeping the blog posts coming!
  8. Freya's Avatar
    What happened to gossip girl? D: