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I've started sketching more lately and I'm really enjoying myself. I have this like.... mana bar. If I don't art for a while it builds up! Then I'll art a little bit and then it's gone. But when it's full my artistic ability is awesome! Better than before even though I didn't practice.

I have had a deviant art for ages (8 years) but I sporadically post on there. I think i'm going to try to art more and post more there. It's really hard to even get noticed there as an artist though. I'm sure if I get better and do more stuff I'll eventually get a fan base.

I've also been writing... a lot. Well what I can in my spare time. Which isn't much. I have been working on short stories to try to make some money. Haven't published any yet cause i have to make a cover for a few.

I've been very creative lately. Well with the time I have.

I really need to focus more on my own hobbies rather than trying to do so much for everyone else. It's driving me insane and physically affecting my body from all the stress. I know I haven't been very busy here on EoFF lately. I've had a lot of stressful real life stuff going on.

I think this move is a positive one though, the putting more effort into my own creativity cause you lot and my personal life make me pull hair out (not literally of course). And I need a little bit more me focused on.

Once we finally get into our new house I'm sure the hectic life will tone down a bit but for now so busy and stressed.

PS I need to make more blogs as I am at 28 entries and I need that 50 blog entry achievement!
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  1. Jinx's Avatar
    I know I've gushed about you before, but you're an incredibly talented artist. I love your work!
  2. Calliope's Avatar
    It's hard to pull away and focus on your own things, but I think it's definitely good to be more creative. Also, I like "I like stuff".