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To plume up my will in double knavery

So this happened

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I got stuck at work for a couple of extra hours due to a police-mandated lockdown.

I didn't get shot, though.

The shooter is still at large, and apparently people are reporting where they're seeing the cops on social media. How thick do you have to be?
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  1. Freya's Avatar
    People at my work were talking about it.

    Is he still at large?
  2. Shorty's Avatar
    Jesus! I'm glad you're alright, I would have been terrified.

    That blood in the streets is pretty horrifying.
  3. Kalevala's Avatar
    Fortunately he was caught about an hour or so ago.

    I have family in that area of Moncton. It's been a stressful couple of days, to say the least. Glad you're okay!
  4. Citizen Bleys's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Freya
    People at my work were talking about it.

    Is he still at large?

    He was captured bloodlessly just after midnight this morning.

    Considering that he killed 3 cops and hospitalised two more with gunshot wounds, I'm frankly surprised that he didn't have an "accident." I would have looked the other way.
  5. Calliope's Avatar
    People are stupid. I am sorry that people are also violent. There was a campus shooting in my state yesterday, also.