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I've sort of let my blog go somewhat, and I didn't really like many of the entries I wrote in it, so I deleted the vast majority of them (I'm left with three now).

So what's been going on in my life then since my last blog entry? Frankly, a whole bloody heap. Probably the most obvious thing was University this year. After nine months, my first year is finally over and objectively, it has gone pretty well! In terms of academics, I've done fairly well - I've averaged just about 70% on the nose.

But the real highlight have been socially. I've met some fantastic people along the way, but chief among them, is my boyfriend, Sam, who I absolutely love with all my heart. It's mine and his first ever (and hopefully only) relationship, and as of this post, been over eight months. I'm focusing this blog post on him, actually, because I've mentioned him plenty of times around EoFF. I realised that not many people may not know who he is, or how I met him, and I'd simply be repeating the story for ever and ever!

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Me and Sam at a Student Church formal - love photo booths!

So how did I meet him? For that, we have to travel right back to the beginning of University for this. It's September 2013. More specifically, it's the 16th of September. It is the evening after I moved into my halls of residences on campus. In the University chapel (yes, we have an actual chapel on campus and it is fantastic!) there was a Christian Union freshers event going on - some music night starring... someone with a guitar.

It was at that night that I met Sam, but only for awhile. It was a good night though. I then met him randomly throughout Freshers week, but nothing major. On Saturday, we had a great time waltzing around Freshers Fayre, and by that point, I would have called him a friend. On the Sunday, the Christian Union held the weekly series called 'Church Search': basically, each week for several weeks you turn up early in the morning to visit each church in turn and find out what suits you best. Me and Sam went to the same church, and as an aside, it wasn't that good. After the service, me and Sam decided to spend the day walking around Winchester, as by this point I've not really explored the city that much. It was precisely during the walk that Sam asked me out. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I was speechless for several seconds. In the end, I stammered out a yes.

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Me and Sam, with the vista of Winchester in the background

And the rest was history really. I met his parents just three weeks in to our relationship, which was a pleasant surprise - the whole 'meet the parents panic' shtick was redundant and it was a great first meeting. In fact, since then, I've met the majority of both his immediate and primary extended family, and they are lovely people. Hopefully they view me in the same way!

We've had two anniversaries so far - our first month, and sixth months, and as you know by know, rapidly approaching our first year. It's actually somewhat scary. I am naturally shy, timid almost, and I'm in a gay relationship, which lets face it, not everyone approves us, particularly from people of my faith, and it has been difficult, to say the least to reconcile that. And also, I guess, not to care. But I suppose I care too much about what others think of me.

But enough about that old nonsense! Sam is also special in another way - so far, he's the only person in real life that is aware of EoFF. I don't tell anyone about me being a member here, primarily because they'd think I'm a geek or a nerd, two archetypes I try very hard to avoid. I'm trying to convince Sam to join EoFF - he hasn't played Final Fantasy before, but I think he'd like it here, if only for the GoT thread!

And that's basically me and Sam in a nutshell really. No doubt I'll be blogging about our first Anniversary - that is, if I keep this blog up.

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Action Shot!
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  1. Freya's Avatar
    Awwww that's such a cute story. You guys look happy together! Is he like super tall or are you super short?

    I'm so glad you're so happy! You were so worried about going to school and loo, you found a great guy there! So it wasn't so bad
  2. Shorty's Avatar
    I wish I could rep blog posts ;______________;
  3. Kalevala's Avatar
    We really do need to integrate rep somehow.
  4. Fynn's Avatar
    Don't be shy of your nerdiness, Formy! Be proud! Embrace it! Wear it like a badge of honor!
  5. Pumpkin's Avatar
    What everyone here said
  6. Formalhaut's Avatar
    He is quite tall, he's about 6'0, maybe 6'1, I forget exactly. As for me, I'm around 5'6 to 5'7 on a good day and how accurate I've been measuring. In more practical estimates, I come up to his shoulders.

    I know that objectively, I'm somewhat of a nerd, and I guess somewhat of a gamer, but I work so hard to not look like I'm either of those two things, lest my friends think differently of me when they learn that I really like playing video games. I mean, maybe I'm being slightly paranoid, but I don't think gamers can shake the "kid living in his parent's basement", and it's mainly because of that, is why I avoid the nerd/gamer label like the plague.
  7. Night Fury's Avatar
    Aww I love stories about couples getting together and honestly yours is so cute!