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Selling "some" comic books

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I wanted to post this here in case any of you nerds were interested in purchasing some comics. After dragging my heels for more than a year because of how terrifying the thought of organizing them all was I'm finally starting to sell off most of my comic collection. I'll be keeping some things, but not much of it.

If anyone's interested you can check out my ad at this link:

Everything I've got listed there is what I have sorted out so far, but feel free to ask about anything you might be interested in I haven't gotten to yet. If anyone does buy anything, I'll knock a bit off the price of whatever you get for being forum members, and since you'll have to pay the shipping.
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  1. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
    I can't answer for anything else on this list really, but Spiderman: Reign is fantastic and someone should buy it right now.

    How is the Marvel Zombies stuff, by the way?
  2. Slothy's Avatar
    I really only read the Marvel Zombies crossover with Army of Darkness. What I saw of the other Marvel Zombies stuff didn't seem to focus so much on what makes zombies fiction good as it did on having super heroes eat each other. I do see the appeal in that, but not for more than an issue or two. Certainly not several different mini-series.

    But Ash Williams in the Marvel Zombies Universe? I'm all over that trout.
  3. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
    I'll have to check out that crossover someday. I'd buy it if I had the money for it right now. I'll check back with you/the website possibly in a few paychecks if I can afford it, heh.