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Christmas' not so anuual rant or whatsoever not.

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Oh god, Oh god, OH GOD!!

Just one more year to a decade!! And I still hang out here in these forums!! The last one I made was the 7th year here. Think I missed out the 8th year. Then again, who cares.

I must say this visit is the most special one out of the rest as there seems to be some really major changes around! I guess the Shinra finally decided to imply some reforms!

Take the achievement thingy for example, it appears to serve as a motivation to get people to participate in the forums and keep track of their own activities. Although it might turn out to be a double edged sword that encourage spamming but I think there are still more pros than cons to this system.

Another thing is Loony BoB is actually the owner of this site now! God, he must have earn quite a lot of gil from letting people ride him for chocobo racing to accomplish such a feat! I think he will manage the place well as no one knows this place better than him.

Not to forget the new faces here. I remember back then there was a period which people were complaining that this place is dying and there aren't enough new members to fill the void. But looking at the situation now, I guess things kinda worked out. Most likely thanks to all the staffs that had contributed so much for the site.

As for the older members or members that I once knew or remembered, smurf you with your name changing. Old Granny cannot keep up with all these changes. Why can't all of you be MANUS for once and keep the name and avatar intact.

PS: I still loves you all though.

This place is rather unforgettable although I will still forget about it from time to time. But eventually, I will still visit here if or when it sudden comes to my mind. It is a good thing I am un-contactable by anyone from the site even the admins since I dun really use the email I used to register for this site. LOL.

So if I actually come back means this site really have the charm to magically summon me back. This also prove that this place rocks and is awesome since this gotto be the only site that I constantly frequent for almost a decade!

Except Wiki though, I love reading wiki.

This sure is one long freaking rant!! Hopefully this site will still be around for me to make me 10th rant!!! Or if I remember to come back to make it. Someone please remind to if you happen to see me. You people are what makes the place awesome and all the best!!! RAWR!!!!



~ Christmas
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    I love the wiki too. I wish it could be taken care of, but I do not have the power to love and care for it. It's always a sad time when you disappear, but I am glad you have kept well and still visit us whenever the site flits into your mind.
  2. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    lol you're hysterical .. <3
  3. Jinx's Avatar
    I love everything about you, Christmas.
  4. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
    Christmas for best member Ciddies: Forever.
  5. Sephex's Avatar
    I like the achievement thing, too. It makes me want to think of more topics and post a bit more in general. I already made a few threads today that I would otherwise be too lazy to make.
  6. Shorty's Avatar
    I'm so happy to see you back!
  7. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    Totally still on my EoFF crush list.
  8. Tigmafuzz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Quin
    Totally still on my EoFF crush list.
    Back off bro, that's my mom
  9. Fynn's Avatar
    You are what makes this place awesome, Christmas
  10. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    Tigz, you're on the list too.

    Let's make this a family affair.

    Edit by Christmas: Interesting, I can edit others' posts in my blog. lol
    Updated 03-27-2022 at 02:54 PM by Christmas