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Starting today, I'm going to post a blog every Thursday about stuff, mostly TV/Music/Video Games and shizz. I'll try to focus of three topics.

1. TV On The Radio
I've loved this band for a long, long time. But I seriously do smurfing love them. It's like Indie music with a soul, an Indie band that doesn't beat you in the head with its pretentiousness. It's just really damn good music with awesome writing and music videos. Plus, the band isn't filled with smarmy douchebags.

Personally, my favorite tracks by them are Staring at the Sun, Wolf Like Me, Will Do, and DLZ. All probably the "biggest" from each of their respective albums, but with good reason. Definitely worth checking them out.

2. Super 8
I want to see this film so very badly. It's old-school Spielbergesque science fiction by J.J. Abrams for crying out loud. I've heard excellent reviews about it, but what I want to know is what EoFF thinks. Please keep spoilers out of it.

What thing I like about it is that the kids that star in it seem likable. It seems like they're just kids who are just downright likable and not being anything other than that, which is refreshing.

3. Tiger and Bunny
If you wanna know one thing about me it's this: I have a very love-hate relationship with anime. I love some, but I hate most. This show, however, is awesome. It's a superhero show with a very refreshing twist from the typical anime fare. It's funny, touching, but also subtle and understated. It's a refreshing change from a lot of the really out-there anime of times past.

The plot is really really damn good. The characters are awesome. And best of all, the animation is excellent. It's a jaw-dropping mix of traditional and CGI, and it works together wonderfully.

Anyway, what do you guys have to say? Post thoughts please.
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    I really like the look of Super 8, hopefully I'll have a chance to catch it