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Now that we have blogs does that mean that the social groups are going to die even faster than they previously were? If that is the case could I essentially do a blog about some food that I cooked or recipes and then not be yelled at for not putting them in the barren wasteland that is Qu's Kitchen?

I think my blogs may initially get more attention than they deserve because of my rather shameless profile picture, although I had a hilarious gif that I wanted to use and this site said it was too large a file, so you have only yourselves to blame. This blog is so much more pointless than Raistlin's...although I didn't actually read Raistlin's so maybe it just looked important. *shrug*

But look; I told you I'd make the sig look better.


I doubt that's the font I'll use (I was feeling particularly uninspired though so I figured "I'll use a blood font! That'll make a cool theme!"; but then I stopped being stupid) and I have to think of something to fill in all that blank space.

-This blog reads as if I wrote it in bullet point format
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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    ...People used the social groups? :o