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Lol teenagers

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Since the summer started I have an inability to go to bed at a "normal" time and insist on staying up till 1 or 2 just because I can.
I wake up around 11 am, feeling refreshed. And I find it much easier to fall asleep during the day than at night. When the sun's out, I sleep like a light. When the moon's out...not so much.
I also looooove to nap during the day. Seriously. Even only a few hours after I awake am I asleep again.
It's currently 1:18 AM and I don't feel like going to bed. Maybe I should take a Benadryl or something. Or call my boyfriend and wake him up and blab on for no reason. The idea of staying up till 6 and then going to sleep appeals to me but I have to be up slightly early around 9 or 10. Eww.
I guess this is just a teenage thing. We teenagers are a strange breed of human, let me tell you. Some say I have DSPS but I really think I'm just being the typical rebellious teenager xD


  1. TrollHunter's Avatar
    You're better than my brother.... He stays awake till 3-4am and wakes up at err 3-4pm
    You have around the same sleep schedule as me minus the day-naps, i just can't do those. I feel like I'm wasting precious sunlight!
  2. demondude's Avatar
    I must be some kind of insomniac or something because I find napping impossible. I just sleep whenever I want but it usually falls within standard hours anyway so meh.
  3. Shaibana's Avatar
    Do u have a strong feeling that u wanna suck some1's blood?
    By your description I dont think ur the 'typical rebellious teenager'... :o
  4. Rebellious Eagle's Avatar
    Haha, I doubt I'm a vampire! But really, something about the sun makes me so sleepy.
  5. Shaibana's Avatar
    ... im telling you!! your a vampire xD
    .. Going to bed late.... napping at day :P

    ... u have a preference for coffins? allergie for garlik? xD
  6. Slothy's Avatar
    Meh, it's not just teenagers really. My second to last year of University I once spent the entire month I had between fall and winter semester staying up until 4am and getting up at 8am. Every night. For a month.

    I wasn't even trying to wake up at 8am, I just did every morning and felt great. Sure I crashed hard two days before school started up again, but I spent more time enjoying that month than anyone else I know.
  7. rubah's Avatar
    man, even my dad is doing it.
  8. Jiro's Avatar
    I wish I only had to sleep 8 hours. I'm just sleeping 12 hours a day now and waking up tired.
  9. Yeargdribble's Avatar
    I'm (days away from) 29 and I'm still like this. I'm just a night owl. Given to my own devices I will always revert being awake at night where I find myself to be the absolute most productive. Sadly, this lifestyle doesn't mesh well with the rest of the world so I end up see-sawing when given more freedom. The only early morning thing I have regularly is church orchestra which I need to be up for in a few hours. So once a week my body gets all screwy because I choose to go to church.