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*jumps on blog train*

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I'm sitting here in the library at school because I have an hour break between history and music. I hate the computers here, they're slow and they block pretty much everything.

That is all.
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  1. Peegee's Avatar
    mess with the computers. This one time I used all of the computers in a lab to ping flood a site I didn't like :)
  2. Shlup's Avatar
    What are you, in high school? Why is everything blocked??
  3. Bunny's Avatar
    Man, colleges out in California must really suck.
  4. NorthernChaosGod's Avatar
    I was totally in high school, I'm in it for the girls.
  5. G13's Avatar
    That's the thing about high school chicks. He keeps gettin' older but they stay the same age.