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So I just got back from a mini-vacation at the beach. It sucked because it rained while we were at the beach on Tuesday so we had to sprint with all of our beach gear back to our hotel...which was about a half mile away. 'twas fun. I hope to do it again sometime...not.

Anyway, I found out that for the 2010-2011 tournament season...I'm the taekwondo state champ in weapons! And in forms! I was really excited when I heard the news because I had worked my ass off for months perfecting every little flaw and going to as many tournaments as I could. But I guess all my hard work paid off because now I can parade around in my new uniform which says "STATE CHAMP" on the back. And I was also ranked 9 in the world for weapons. Cha-ching.

I'm also lonely now too. I lost all my..."best friends"...for some stupid reasons. They turned out to be total psycho bitches who start drama because "I'm jealous of you, Stephanie, you have the perfect body and perfect boyfriend and perfect grades AND YOU DON'T EVEN TRY and because of those circumstances which are beyond your control YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE tit AND SO TO SAVE MY SELF-ESTEEM YOU AREN'T MY FRIEND ANYMORE. PLUS WHEN YOU WERE SUICIDAL WE SAVED YOU AND GAVE YOU ADVICE BUT YOU'RE NEVER HERE FOR US EVEN THOUGH WHEN YOU TRY TO HELP US WE WON'T TELL YOU OUR PROBLEMS AND BITCH AT YOU FOR NO REASON SO YOU GET PISSED OFF AND GIVE UP." Blah blah smurfing blah.

Whatever. PMSing teenage girls with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are hard to deal with when you're me and they expect me to be a therapist, support group, and fun friend all rolled into one. I'm not great at giving advice but I AM caring and a good friend in other ways. I don't care though. If they're going to leave me like the shallow bitches they are, that's cool. They can suck my non-existent male sex parts. I can get along fine with just me and my guy friends from the rival school.

And to top off this interesting week the boyfriend's STILL away on vacation. Until Tuesday. And I haven't seen him in a week which is like a world record for us. I miss him terribly, especially with said bitchy girls harassing me over the internet and phone. Oh well. These are the times when I just plug in my music and not give a smurf about anything.
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  1. Jiro's Avatar
    Yeah don't let bitches and hos get you down Steph. You're awesome and that's what matters!

    Congrats again at being able to whip people's butts. I'm proud of you for sticking with it and doing so well!
  2. Rebellious Eagle's Avatar
    I learned to just ignore what stupid people say, they don't matter.
    And thank you! It's tiring practicing all the time and having your instructors point out every flaw. But hey, if it helps :3
  3. Freya's Avatar
    Ah teenager girls. They are an evil sort. I had problems with them too. don't let it get to you too much because in a few years when you graduate, you wont even see them. And it's lovely.

    That is hella awesome that you're all champion badass! You can be on my team when we have to fight the aliens.
  4. Rebellious Eagle's Avatar
    That's what I keep telling myself. In college this trout won't matter
    And thank you! I'd love to kick some alien butt >