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EoFF: Dwarf Fortress - Demon Dude leaves the sink running; ruins the Great Hall.

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Have you ever wondered just how much fun you can have with a game whose default interface has been adequately described as "ASCII cat vomit" before? If you haven't or even if you have, this game, this thread is definitely for you. Come along to General Gaming, join in and don't forget losing is fun!

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EoFF: Dwarf Fortress - Spoonproblems

tl;dr summary: Dwarf Fortress is a game where, as you might expect, you control a fortress of Dwarves. Spoonproblems is the EoFF fortress and it is in the middle of a frozen hellhole. The Dwarves are named after EoFFers, and EoFFers take it in turns to run the fortress for a year, and post about the shenanigans that ensue.

We are all going to die and it is going to be hilarious. Losing is fun.



The world of Eyesonia.

Year One - Psychotic

Year Two - Demon Dude


If you're interested in getting involved in either running or just having a character in an EoFF succession game of Dwarf Fortress, post in this thread saying so! Otherwise, once it's up and running, just sit back and enjoy the show.

If you don't know what Dwarf Fortress is, I suggest checking out the old thread to get a good idea of what to expect here:
Also, you can check out the Dwarf Fortress Wiki for more details on the game: Dwarf Fortress Wiki

So, without further ado, let's get into the things that are important for those who are interested in having a dwarf named after them and having some kind of say on what they might specialise in.

List of jobs (and the skills related to each job)
Miner - Miner
Woodworker - Bowyer • Carpenter • Wood cutter
Stoneworker - Engraver • Mason
Ranger - Ambusher • Animal caretaker • Animal dissector • Animal trainer • Trapper
Doctor - Bone doctor • Crutch-walker • Diagnostician • Surgeon • Suturer • Wound dresser
Farmer - Beekeeper • Brewer • Butcher • Cheese maker • Cook • Dyer • Grower • Herbalist • Lye maker • Milker • Miller • Potash maker • Presser • Shearer • Soaper • Spinner • Tanner • Thresher • Wood burner
Fishery Worker - Fish cleaner • Fish dissector • Fisherdwarf
Metalsmith - Armorsmith • Furnace operator • Metal crafter • Blacksmith • Weaponsmith
Jeweler - Gem cutter • Gem setter
Craftsdwarf - Bone carver • Clothier • Glassmaker • Glazer • Leatherworker • Potter • Stone crafter • Strand extractor • Wax worker • Weaver • Wood crafter
Engineer - Mechanic • Pump operator • Siege engineer • Siege operator
Administrator - Appraiser • Building designer • Organizer • Record keeper
Military: General - Archer • Armor user • Biter • Dodger • Fighter • Kicker • Shield user • Striker • Wrestler
Military: Weapon - Axeman • Blowgunner • Bowman • Crossbowman • Hammerman • Knife user • Lasher • Maceman • Misc. object user • Pikeman • Spearman • Swordsman • Thrower
Military: Other - Leader • Observer • Student • Teacher
Social: Broker - Comedian • Conversationalist • Flatterer • Intimidator • Judge of intent • Liar • Negotiator • Persuader
Social: Other - Concentration • Consoler • Pacifier
Other - Alchemist • Knapper • Swimmer

List of people interested in running the game (job preferences in brackets)
Loony BoB (Miner)
Marshall Banana
Dignified Pauper
Iceglow (Marksdwarf/Hunter)
Quin (Doctor)

List of other people who want a dwarf (job preferences in brackets)
eternal essence (Building Designer/Doctor)
Demon Dude (Broker)
DK (Military)
I'm my own MILF
I Took the Red Pill (Broker/Farmer)
Værn (Brewer)

The first seven dwarves will (effectively) have 10 points to spend on skills and no more than 5 can be spent on any one skill. So if you want to increase in a specific skill, say so in this thread. We will get more dwarves over the years who will have set skills - if you aren't one of the first seven dwarves then we will try to get you a dwarf that looks somewhat like what you were after, however there are no guarantees whatsoever in that regard (or even in the opening stages if multiple people want the same things).

Ideally we'll be wanting someone to take on the following key positions...
Miner - We'll want a couple of people to have 5 points on this. I (BoB) will happily be one of them given the opportunity. I like to dig. =]
Grower - To grow stuff so we can eat/drink.
Brewer - Dwarves quite literally need alcohol to survive.
Building designer - Kind of self explanatory, there.
Broker - Someone to talk to the elves who will stop by with their caravans and sells us things. A fairly important role that will be a definite starter.
Record Keeper - Without a record keeper, we can't keep records. And that means we can't see our stock screen.
Carpenter - Wood guy. Needed for things like beds and buckets, which are important.
Mason - Stone guy. Needed for things like good stairs, doors and furniture, which are important.
Mechanic - Trap guy. Needed for trapping things. Also for a bunch of other stuff, but for the early stages, I think it's mostly traps.
Doctor - Obvious job is obvious.


  1. demondude's Avatar
    I can vouch for this. I had no idea (still don't really) of how to play and I'm having an awesome time.