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First Blog Post: Let's make this a food dining blog!

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Since there's a blog feature on this site, and I take tons of pictures of food when I eat out, I figured why not try my hand at making a food blog? This post will feature: Graham Elliot in Chicago, IL (

We had no problems making reservations for a Thursday by calling just a few days earlier. We were promptly seated even though we arrived early and decided on the Experience menu. Instead of getting wine pairings, we decided to order a few beers from their great beer list.

The food was so delicious...I really have no comments other than we really want to go back someday. The popcorn was the best I've ever had haha. All the dishes were great, but if I had to choose only one, I think my favorite would be the first wagyu tartare dish. An amazing start to an amazing meal. I was pretty full by the end, so next time I may just get the smaller tasting menu and add dishes on. Here's what the menu was when we went:

July 28th, 2011 Experience Menu:

truffle butter + black pepper + parmesan fluff

compressed watermelon + mint leaf + jalapeno oil

wagyu tartare
asparagus salad + pommes frites + bearnaise yolk

deconstructed caesar
gem lettuce + brioche twinkie + white anchovy

corn bisque
spiny lobster + toasted coquito + vanilla marshmallow

sweetbread schnitzel
napa cabbage + pickled turnip + chanterelle ragout

sauteed calamari + brussel kimchi + red curry

king salmon
blis roe + garlic scape + shaved fennel

alaskan halibut
leek brandade + house bacon + haricot vert

jidori chicken
dirty rice + country pate + fried okra

bison loin
baked bean + texas onion + pepper salsa

grape juice + purple essence + soda spritzer

wild strawberry
coriander arlette + fromage blanc + basil emulsion

flourless chocolate
root beer + port cherry + birch caramel

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(more pictures in next won't let me add any more...)

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  1. Shlup's Avatar
    Oo, pretty foods. I'm tempted to increase the number of attachments allowed per blog post just for this... but now I want to eat all of these things.
  2. AngelWings8's Avatar
    It was so delicious...I'm already craving going back but that may cause me to go broke unfortunately