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Migraines, Gynecologists, and Being Ignored by One's Own Mother

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I've had a godawful migraine since last night. I barely got any sleep and it still hurts a bit, but at least not as badly as before. It's absolutely terrible. It makes me cry from the immense pain and looking into any source of light hurts like hell.

Tomorrow I have my first visit with the gynecologist. She's apparently very good, so I'm actually excited. Since I'm sexually active, I need to ask her for birth control. Only problem is my mother wouldn't pay for it and ABSOLUTELY kill me. She wants me to remain a virgin til marriage. Lmfao. And I have no money of my own and no one to drive me to a Planned Parenthood so I have no idea how this ordeal will work out but all I know is I NEED birth control.

And I was a bit upset that all my mom wanted to talk about at Friday night's dinner was college. My dad mentioned this to her and now she won't talk to me. She won't even look at me. What the smurf. I sit here crying in pain from my migraine and she completely ignores me. What did I do wrong? I'm now fully convinced my mom is a sadistic bitch. What mother pretends like her only daughter doesn't exist for such a stupid, trivial reason? I feel so alone and abandoned in my own house and it hurts. My depression is slowly creeping back. All I want to do is sleep.
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  1. Shaibana's Avatar
    i personaly think its wrong of her to force her ideals onto you. (the no sex before marriage thing) besides, thats just not of this time anymore.
  2. Rebellious Eagle's Avatar
    I agree...the responsible thing for me is to get birth control but since she won't let me maybe I'll just get preggo and see what she says >
  3. Parker's Avatar
    yea, that'll show her
  4. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    Oh man the college thing is so annoying. From my senior year of high school to just before I flunked out of college, nobody would talk to me about anything else. I want to talk about my day :<
  5. rubah's Avatar
    now that you've already had your visit, I can go ahead and tell you how awful I find gynecological visits to be. I've only had two, but after each, I feel incredibly shaken and traumatized. Usually, I describe this as feeling like I've been hand raped.

    I wonder if I could find a doctor who didn't make the inspection process so sterile and impersonal that I would feel better about having my paps scraped and smeared.

    as far as BC is concerned, my first gyne visit started with my mom saying "well, since you're starting college, you should get on birth control" and my face looked like "o_owhut"

    but, condoms are cheap and easily available and not as much of a hassle as popular opinion would have you think. Used them happily for many years