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Server Maintenance!

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Which means I get away from FFXIV for a little bit. Well, three hours, anyway. Which is great because something I want to watch is on TV in half an hour. Anyway. Final Fantasy XIV!

My first impressions were pretty much what I expected - the only major changes from the open beta are that the story has been expanded, you can go to more areas (presumably - I can't verify this as I've only played for a day so far, I'm still too weak to travel that far) and that - most important in my eyes - the user interface has vastly improved. Hardware mouse, crafting and selling, it's all so much more fluid. I'm glad for that. There are some additional leves - or perhaps I didn't notice them originally - and crafting for some reason seems a lot easier than it was beforehand.

In a day I've managed to get Marauder, Miner, Botanist, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer and Alchemist all through to level 5. I'm very happy with that. My physical level got to 12, too.

It's lacking in the social side at the moment - I must concede, I miss the amusing antics and silly banter that Danielle and I got up to in FFXI when playing alongside the likes of Lev, Kentarou and Shawtiie. But it's still early days and I'm planning on getting a few more people into our LS than just the four of us that we have at the moment. Fingers crossed, everything will continue to improve on all grounds.

What else? Not much to say, really... it's an MMO, it's not supposed to move that fast, really. Danielle and I plan on going around and getting all the Aetheryte we can soon enough, and then there's also regional leves - of which I've not done any outside of the one given to me as part of the storyline. I don't think Danielle has either. So that's sixteen quests for us to do as a duet, which is great. Maybe we'll find a nutter to bring along with us. xD Who knows.

Anyway. Day one over, maintenance on, and time for a nice break to focus on other things! I haven't completely lost my life just yet...
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Final Fantasy XIV


  1. Shlup's Avatar
    I had a dream last night that Del Tony let me play on his account. Is that weird? I don't usually have EoFF or video game dreams.

    I'm still torn about it 'cause I'm also waiting on Guild Wars 2.
  2. Loony BoB's Avatar
    When is GW2 out?
  3. Shlup's Avatar
    According to their site "It'll be released when it is done." It looks so goooood. ;___________;