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Depression Moon

Lots of Games, but No Love

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Man I can't believe where I just came from!

These people have 3 Wiis, 3 PlayStation 2s, 3 Game Boy Advances, 2 Nintendo DSs, a DSi, and a Xbox 360, but they don't care tit about their games. I picked up my lil cuz from his cousin's house and he told me how they have all of these, but just leave all of their games lying around. When I was over there I noticed a GBA just lying there on the ground waiting for somebody to step on it. I was tempted to pick it up. They have 3 Wiis over there but only play 1 and they have 3 PS2s. I don't why my cuz didn't ask them if I could have one when he knows I've been missing my dead PS2 for 3 years now. He said he should've said something to them about one of those GBAs because they obviously don't care about them. He also said that they had a ton of games just lying on the ground out of their cases and a real jacked up PS3 controller.

I CAN'T STAND IT WHEN PEOPLE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO OWN ALL THOSE GAMES AND CONSOLES, BUT CAN'T EVEN KEEP TAKE CARE OF THEM! If I had all of those best believe I would keep them stacked neatly in alphabetical order and by system on a shelf.
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  1. Shaibana's Avatar
    .... wy 3 of the same consoles? thats absolute bulltrout :S
    Got 1 ps3, and a psp (wich i pretty much only use at vacations etc) and i really dont see any reason for more consoles.. well, perhaps a WII for downstairs for the whole family, but it really ends with that.

    If u dont play the games anymore, than i suggest u sell them. what use are they if they rot away on your desk (or floor -.-)

    I guess your cousin is verry spoiled..
  2. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    Wow, that's way too many! Is it mostly kids? 'cause like, as much as we adored our video games my brother and I sure didn't take care of them when we were little. God help any game that never had a case in the first place.