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Carl the Llama

Mafia XXI Day 5: Silent Night

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I don't know why I said that. DD and KD are smurfing fantastic hosts. I really appreciate DD spending a whole day putting the accounts together and fixing some issues quickly and efficiently so the game could start on the day it was supposed to. I also think KD is awesome for planning the game straight off the bat, and despite his incredibly busy working life as a manager, he kept the game running at a smooth and consistent pace for a fairly long time. Thanks guys, you're both really cool.

In fact, I said it out of jealousy really, because DD and KD both got their calendar deal and I didn't. Perhaps it's because they are both incredibly attractive and well built individuals, or perhaps it's because every picture in my calendar was of me fingering my mother whilst she expunged my facial details with her enormous, if not horrendously saggy breasts. There's also that whole thing of Kaiserdragon being really likable and popular in the community where I'm not, and the fact that however hard I try, I will never be able to make a blog as popular as DD's, which I strongly advise everybody follows.

I am going to go and cry myself to sleep whilst my morning erection desperately attempts to escape its eternal compund of morbid obesity, and we will see each other again and I can bash myself away until I die alone.

The moral is, don't smurf with me when I have your password, bitch.
What can I say, this is the best post ever made in the history of the internet.


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    I'll nominate it for Best Post