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"Blog is like a Twitter
for people who talk too much."
- @AndyMilonakis -

Note: I was going to post pictures depicting some of the stuff featured on each of the blogs I will be listing, but since my internet is being dumb right now that will have to wait. Until then, I hope you enjoy the picture below. If your name is GuardianXIII you'll probably be jizzing your pants right about...


Here's my top five favorite blogs of this year. Hopefully most of you on here will be able to reach their excellence. I know mine won't! :shiny:

My top five, in reverse and in no particular order:

5. Stuff No One Told Me - Amazing daily blog with cute illustrations and profound statements.

4. FilmDrunk - Blog for films and apparently you have to be drunk while reading them, or perhaps the people who post the entries are drunk. I dunno. I read it mostly for people's comments to the entries.

3. Bossip - Basically the black version of On No They Didn't with a little extra summin' summin'.

2. TechEBlog - A really geeky blog? Yes. Amazing? Yes. The pictures they have of optical illusions are highly amusing.

1. Oh No They Didn't - Obviously I couldn't include Bossip without including Oh No They Didn't. The king of gossip blogs; despite what Perez Hilton may think his hot mess of a blog is. It's not even really gossip half of the time. It's just like taking Daniel Tosh and putting him in a room with twelve mentally retarded children. You just know he's gonna take the piss. That is essentially what ONTD is.


  1. Clo's Avatar
    I totally own that plastic tree.
  2. Shlup's Avatar
    I like Stuff No One Told Me.
  3. Christmas's Avatar
    The picture will be more epic if the stormtroopers are using that tree to cover the area between their legs instead of their face.