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F**king growing to hate grinding in this game......

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I have spent a considerable amount of time recently on this game getting trophies. Imagine my consternation when I have spent 150-odd hours on the game and have every single trophy except Treasure Hunter, only to find that I have sold most of the items that you need to upgrade and they are super-rare. Having started again, I have since reached the post-game phase and have maxed out 90-95 percent of the I just need the totally ridiculous sums of money to upgrade all the weapons and am getting fed up of doing the grinding. Why is this game so stingy with it's money.......

All this while looking after my 2 kids. Memo to game designers.....we do not all have uber-amounts of time to spend on games so why design these ridiculous trophies that require mahoosive amounts of input....

Another side-moan.....Red Dead Redemption.....possibly the best game I have ever played and one I really wanted to earn the platinum trophy on......only to find that the game requires trophies from ONLINE PLAY to earn the platinum. I suck at online play and do not have the time to continually play against 10-year old americans with nothing better to do.......
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  1. Psychotic's Avatar
    Is grinding in any game fun? I hate it!

    Also, Red Dead is awesome when you turn the tables on the 10 year olds.
  2. Shaibana's Avatar
    ... Wy go throphee-hunting anyway?
    wy do u need the throphees? what do you reach with it? wy bother if you hate it?

    If there is somethin i do Not care about than its throphee's
  3. demondude's Avatar
    I had throphees once. My balls looked hideous.
  4. Jiro's Avatar
    That's why I am a hoarder and keep everything until end game.
  5. CactuarKing's Avatar
    As will I be in future!!!
  6. CactuarKing's Avatar
    I don't HATE grinding after a while, it is just that it becomes monotonous..........

    And I collect trophies I suppose as I like shinies, even virtual shinies. They make me feel complete.