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My new job - part 2

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So I survived week two. Thanks to everyone who commented on the first one, I appreciate it. I'm thinking of making a weekly update sort of thing on how it's been going, at least for a while anyway.

First off, we got another new recruit. I'm not the only newbie anymore! They actually get to work with the pizza though, which is kind of sad considering I still haven't got to do that yet. I have been allowed to operate the cash register though, so one small step at a time I guess.

I also had a semi-conversation with one of my co-workers. They were discussing videogames, and I mentioned I played Final Fantasy. Turns out FFX is both of our favorites. We also talked about Smash Bros for a little bit. I haven't really had much conversation with anyone past that though, but it's progress nonetheless!

And last, but certainly not least, I got my first paycheck. It was glorious.
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  1. Christmas's Avatar
    Good for you that you have managed to blend in. With some more time, I think you should be able to adapt just fine!

    Congrats on your first paycheck!! Go get something to reward yourself!!