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This can be a foot to the lame.

They took the phone. O_O

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So, as I exited the taxi, I performed my usual check. Nope, nothing has been left behind. Good. I bend over to retrieve my backpack from the back seat and leave. The taxi drives away.

Seconds later, I realise my phone is not in my pocket. "Piss," think I, with some embarrassment at my own ineptitude. I don't mind too much, but I did like the number.

This morning, a friend of mine calls the phone. Turns out some people have found it and picked it up! That's nice. A little girl is speaking to my friend whilst the adults scream and shout in the background; fairly typical Chinese affair.

It turns out they want 20,000RMB for it. That is roughly 2000. "Wow", you must be thinking. "Quin must have an amazing phone!"

No. It is a troutey 50 phone I just bought to replace my old, broken 30 phone.

smurfing farmers, man.


  1. kotora's Avatar
    gotta have a man-purse brah
  2. Psychotic's Avatar
    At least it wasn't your door.
  3. Shaibana's Avatar
    they can take our phones, but they can never take... our freedom!!
  4. Shaibana's Avatar
    cmon, make it happen (again)
  5. Mo-Nercy's Avatar
    Wow. 20000RMB is like a month's salary for rich Chinese people. I don't suppose you haggled it down? xD
  6. Quindiana Jones's Avatar
    I'm fairly convinced they have no intention of returning it, haha.

    Yeah, should probably give some perspective. 2000RMB is a fairly average monthly wage for most commonplace jobs in most Chinese cities. In the area I live, Guizhou, that's actually pretty decent. Average is around 1500. xD
  7. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
    You should have called back and told them that if they pay you 1000RMB, they can keep the phone.
  8. Shaibana's Avatar
    haha indeed Scotty. a month salary for a stupid old phone xD.
    better het a brand new one.. you could buy 50 phones for it :P
  9. Mr Gashtacular's Avatar
    fairly typical Chinese affair eh