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My new job - part 3

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I survived week 3...barely. It was a pretty awful week to be honest. I kept making mistakes and it felt like everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I'm kind of worried I'm going to get fired now. Short summary of some of the things that happened:

I read a customer's order to 2 pizzas and a drink back them them, they say it's correct and pay for it, then walk off...without the drink. Turns out the drink actually belonged to the next person in line, and the first person didn't order a drink at all. So then the person whose drink it actually was starts yelling at me for charging the first person for something they didn't order...even though I'd read the order back to them and they said it was right. So I ran out and gave the first person their money back, and they thankfully left me alone after that. I really felt like crying though.

Other more minor things went wrong during the week too. For example while using the restroom their I heard someone tell another person not to use the other stall because it was out of toilet paper. So I tell my supervisor and they sent someone down to fix it...only to find out the stall actually DID have toilet paper, and all the person would have had to do was move the slider knob to get to the next roll. I got chewed out for not checking myself to be sure it actually was out, and wasting other people's time.

I'm not making a lot of progress at fitting in either. And it's getting me really worried I'll be replaced as soon as they find more people, and I really can't afford to lose this job. So in an effort to bring myself some good karma, I used part of my paycheck to bring dessert home for my family. I'm going to surprise them with fudge after dinner. Hopefully seeing them happy will cheer me up a little, and bring some good karma my way.
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  1. NeoCracker's Avatar
    Getting the hang of a new job can always be hard as smurf.

    While I haven't been training at it consistently yet, I've been having a lot of trouble with a few things learning to cook at my job. This will be my first week going in on a weekend as the second cook, no one training me. I am nervous as all hell.

    All I can say is take a deep breath, reflect on what you smurfed up on, and know no one has this trout down after a couple weeks.