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Sometimes I Write Things

John the Pharmacist (EoFF: Would you like to help me pay my bills?)

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I recently wrote a short story that's been put on a website. If it gets enough shares and/or ratings, I have a chance to win some serious cash prizes, which would be really helpful for me right now! So, if you have a chance, it'd be great if you could go here ( and share my story on your social media or rate me 5 stars at the bottom left of the page (if you think I deserve it, at least).


Here's the beginning of the story, to whet your appetite:

Brad caught John leaving the supermarket. ‘Don’t tell me you…’

John hid his biro-stained fingers behind his back. ‘I didn’t put another notice on the noticeboard,’ he said.

‘I’m not an idiot, John.’

‘Fine, I put another notice on the noticeboard,’ John said. ‘But what’s wrong with that?’

‘I’ve explained what’s wrong with…’ Brad shook his head and decided to try a different approach. ‘John, give us your wallet for a sec.’

John’s eyes widened as though Brad had just asked him to give up a kidney.

‘I’m not going to take anything. Just… trust me, okay?’ Brad said, rolling his eyes at his best friend’s paranoia.

With shaking fingers, John passed Brad the folds of leather. It was difficult to tell if his digits were shivering because of the cold, the anxiety or something else entirely. Brad tried not to think too hard about the third option.

He rummaged through John’s wallet, eventually finding what he was looking for. A small stack of business cards, tucked where the average person would keep notes. John was not the average person.

‘See this, John,’ Brad said, thrusting one of the cards towards him.

‘Yeah – my business card. What about it?’

‘Can you read it to me, John?’

[Click here for the rest!]


PS: I know there's currently a typo in the last line. We'll see if they let me fix it, since I can't edit it directly on the site. Sigh.