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I ate a sandwich today.

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I might have some sort of depression. It's hard to me to use an outlet that isn't self destructive to overcome some things. I have to remind myself that I have the power to change things. The question is if I have the courage to do it, and how my decision making makes other people feel. It's hard for me to do that because my opinion of myself is so low at times I think that I am incapable of hurting (or affecting any kind of strong emotion) other people because I am simply not that important.
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  1. Shoeberto's Avatar
    If you are concerned about depression and wanting a starting place to work on it, I always recommend this book as a resource:
    It opened up a lot of doors for me and has helped significantly. Good luck, regardless.
  2. MissH's Avatar
    It sounds like you're having a rough time at the moment. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I want you to know you're not alone. It's so hard to 'clear the fog' sometimes when your brain is intent on making you believe lies like you are not important. I know it's hard to reach out, but it will help to get help. If you ever wanna talk about stuff, send me a pm. I'm a good listener x