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My New Job - Part 4

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I made it to week 4. I didn't get get fired, and it went much better than week 3. In fact, I completed my core training program, and am going to be receiving an employee ID card with my next paycheck that will entitle me to discounts. And as such, I think this will probably be my last entry about this job unless something major comes up, as it's been about a month so I don't think I can call it "new" for much longer.

We got another new person, and I think they're still looking for more people. We have plenty of people now because it's summer, but once school and college start up again they're going to lose a lot of people. I was hoping this meant they might shift my days off around so I could have weekends off (as people in school could still work weekends) but it doesn't look like that will be the case.

I also put in my first request for a day off. I was super nervous when filling out the form, so much so that I forgot to write down what day I wanted off. They had me fix my mistake though, and so far it looks like I have a decent shot at getting the request honored. I won't know for sure until the schedule for that date comes out though.

As far as fitting in, I'm making slow progress. I'll sometimes get a question or two thrown my way during conversations now. I hoping it goes well with the new hires since they'll be even newer than I am, so hopefully it won't be so intimidating trying to talk to them.

And I guess that about sums up my first month. Thanks to everyone who left tips or encouraging words. And to anyone starting a new job of their own, hopefully this gives you some sort of idea of what to expect. If I can live through it, anyone can.
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