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My cat won't eat

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What the heck is up with my cat? His bowl is full, absolutely full of food, and he just refuses to eat it.

If he starves to death, it's not my fault!

Any of you cat owners have experience with this?
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  1. Slothy's Avatar
    Last time I had a cat that wouldn't eat they were in kidney failure. There's probably other reasons that a cat would stop eating that aren't that serious, but if you can I'd say take a trip to the vet just in case.
  2. Spooniest's Avatar
    He'll eat, but only when I give him a new scoop of food or a treat.

    I think he's just being picky.
  3. Slothy's Avatar
    Yeah, that sounds picky to me.
  4. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    I guess just try feeding him meals on a schedule rather than leaving a whole day's worth out and see if he likes that better. My cat is the opposite, she'll devour everything in the bowl and throw it all up if I put it all out at once.