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They call me Proto.

Life on Eyeson Island 22

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Well, I guess I'll make weekly updates then whenever I can.

But first, let me show off some interesting pics.

I dressed up DK as a king. Hurrah!

ToriJ and Locky has a baby girl named Liara!

Tidus is in jail.

Scotty and Shauna has a baby boy named Sean! You can see how surprised they are in this picture.

Galuf is a wizard now!

Iceglow is also the 100th islander! So Eyeson Island is now completely full! I suppose I can still have babies, but I'm not sure whether they can move in or become travelers. I will find out soon.

The residents of Eyeson Island
Front Row: Squall, Aerith, Jinx, Scotty, Jiro, Formy, Proto, Shion, Freya, Cesar, Sharky, Starlet, Loony BoB
Second Row: PaperStar, Quistis, Shaibana, Neocracker, Rantz, The Man, Shorty, Pike, Parker, Noxy, ToriJ, nico, Plef
Third Row: Shlup, Vivi22, Shauna, tavaryn, Tifa, Huxley, Alayna, foa, Kale, Dat_Matt, Locky, Psychotic, maybee
Fourth Row: DC, Kent, Calliope, Fonzie, Shiny, DK, Tidus, Christmas, Aexoden, Jessweeee♪, Lightning, Jess, Aulayna
Fifth Row: Menma, D. Malfoy, Sheena, Old Manus, Selphii, Alive-Girl, Michael, kotora, Fufu, Korra, Slenderman, Terra, Zoidberg
Sixth Row: Moriarty, Vanessa, Trask, Leigh, Cesana, Mikasa, Hunter, Hanji, Patryk, Barret, Fuzakeru, The Doctor, Helena
Seventh Row: Bones, Maya, Newmani, Jen, Denmark, Riinoa, Col. Angus, HNB, MDNA, Lucina, Yuna, Casper, Marie
Top Row: Iceglow, Connor, Galuf, Spooniest, NicoStar, Monda, Rye, Zelos, Agrias

Check out the photo albums for more pictures and whatnot.
Photo album 1
Photo album 2

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  1. Ayen's Avatar
    I always wanted a daughter. *sniff* Living the dream!
  2. Jessweeee♪'s Avatar
    why is Tidus in jail? xD
  3. Agent Proto's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jessweeee♪
    why is Tidus in jail? xD
    For committing the crime of being Tidus.