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They call me Proto.

Life on Eyeson Island 24

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Ha, I could imagine that you may have thought I had forgotten about this game? Well, don't worry, I have not forgotten, not have I forgotten about this. However, I don't play as much as I did during the first half of the summer, but I've been playing whenever I can. But the pictures, they are coming at a much slower pace, so not much has really happened as of lately that's worth mentioning.. but alas, I'll post the photo album along with some pictures of major importance.


There was a fishing tournament which Shauna won using bait made of Ice Cream sandwiches.

Dat_Matt's new room looks pretty neat now that it's an arcade.

Korra and Zoidberg are now going out. :O

As are Bones and Denmark! :O

PaperStar is dressed up as a Nurse now!

Well, looked like Proto and Starlet had a fight...

...and Proto wasn't over it.

But we eventually made up later. So all is good, right?

Rantz trying on some makeup.

Jiro and Shorty heard from their son Ben. Here's a picture of him with another Slenderman from another island.

I think that's about it...

Photo Album
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  1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
    Awesome update, proto! Good to see the Mii me is getting out more now. lol
  2. Ayen's Avatar
    Run, Ben! Run!