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They call me Proto.

Final Life on Eyeson update

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This shall be my final update for "Let's Play" on Tomodachi Life. I want to thank everyone who has kept up with my updates since I've started the game in the summer. Well, it's been about 2 weeks since my last update. I have some pictures to share. As with the last update, I'll post pictures of some importance than link to any photo albums with more pictures. Check them out!

Well first off, let's share a moment with Barret asking Sheena out.

Wow, he's certainly blunt about this.

And he got rejected!

Tifa and Plef had a baby! It's a girl named Genesis!

Spooniest and Leighton were set up for a date from Agrias. It turns out sucessful!

The Doctor is having a wonderful time!

Dat_Matt was asked out by both Rye and maybee...

Note his sudden balding hairline. xD

Rejected both.

There's more in the photo albums.

Photo album 1
Photo album 2

That's it!
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  1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
    It was a great run, Proto! I really enjoyed it. & LOL @ bald Matt.
  2. The Man's Avatar
    R.I.P. in peace Eyeson Island updates.
  3. Ayen's Avatar
    My Mii didn't get a birthday. *sniff and cries*

    Nah, I'm good. Tis the end of an era =o
  4. Shaibana's Avatar
    im sure going to miss this :P
  5. starlet's Avatar
    Yeah proot, make yourself more useful around the house! Lolol j/k. Rip tomodachi Island :3