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Rio de Emocion

Drunk reviewing a kebab. cool story brah

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Who expects a kebab to taste differently from the last one? I do. Every time I walk into a kebab place, I expect it to taste better than the last one I had. Or even worse, as long as it's a different experience. When does that ever happen? They're all the smurfing same, more or less. Maybe the meat is a bit less greasy sometimes. Maybe the veggies are a bit fresher.

It's my friend's birthday. Most of the people left before midnight. I decided to stick around because she's a friend and those don't come in super high supply. So I had a few drinks, around 4. More than I'm used to.

Every time I bite into a new kebab sandwich, I'm praying for it to taste a little bit different. For the texture of the meat to be a little bit crunchier and have a bit more spice to it. For there to be some special kind of sauce in there, made with the most exotic of gravies and herbs. For the bread to be as fresh and delicious as I tasted it in the Middle East. Maybe a spoonful of hummus, gently shoved somewhere in the middle of the pita bun. Or maybe just a bit of tasteable love and passion from the kebab-maker, weaved into the texture of the entire dish, like MSG in a Chinese street peddler's noodles.

None of that happened tonight. Here on Mester street, Budapest, you pay $2.50 for a kebab and you damn sure ain't getting more than your money's worth. I thought going to a Kurdish place rather than one that advertises itself as Turkish would give me some kind of better, more special kebab, with them being an oppressed minority and whatnot, but it turns out the world don't work like that.

No pictures this time. I'm hitting up the hummus place next time, but they ain't open late at night.
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  1. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
    Lmao did you drink more of your Serbian 'shine bruh?