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This can be a foot to the lame.

Quin's Exercise Diary Week 01

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So, this year I've lost 15kg (90kg to 75kg) which is nice, but I haven't been focusing on the exercises recently, so I've become weak as a kitten but still gone up to a chubby 80kg.

I'm starting this as a motivation exercise, and will update each post daily whilst adding a new one weekly.

Today's Achievements:

Knee raises - 6x6 - poor form and tiring
Half push ups - 6x6 - perfect form but tiring
Squats - 6x6 - perfect form and pretty decent
Crunches - 6x6 - good form, very tiring
Half plank - 6x20s - perfect form, utterly exhausting

Ultimate goal:

Proceed to leg raises. Proceed to standard push ups. Proceed to Bulgarian squats. Proceed to bicycle crunches. Proceed to 60s half plank.

Expected completion: Early November.
Essentially I'm following this for my bodyweight exercises, and this for my cardio. Monday, Wednesday and Friday for both.

My very ultimate goal is, by August next year, to be able to run at least 20km and increase the difficulty of the bodyweight exercises somewhere near the bottom of the list. In addition, I'll be adding weightlifting after a few reintroduction weeks and I hope to be able to do at least my bodyweight in all the big four full body lifts.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday update late because of friend's birthday:

Knee raises - still not great form but a bit easier already
Bent push ups (to lead into handstands) - 6x6 - good form but pretty tiring
Everything else basically the same, except I started on Bulgarian squats, which were more challenging.


  1. kotora's Avatar
    every evening choreographed dancing on the nearest public square should also help with burning some extra calories
  2. Bolivar's Avatar
    Keep going Quin! I just converted 20km to miles - that's 12! Hot damn, dude! I've been running about 3 twice a week, I'd like to be able to get it somewhere up there as well.

    Life has a lot of ways of hurting your motivation but you have to mentally separate that from your routine. Good luck!
  3. A Pint of Quinness's Avatar
    I'm also starting weekly self-defence and sparring sessions with a few mates. I remember a lot, but my muscle memory has gone, so it's going to be fun starting it up again,
  4. kotora's Avatar
    are you saying you started a fight club?
  5. A Pint of Quinness's Avatar
    Kind of, since we don't actually have anywhere to train, so we just go out in some back alleys. xD