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We Are X

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I know .

I've talked about the concert to death.

But I still can't believe I got to see them.

X Japan is "that" band for me .. I've listened to their music religiously since 2001- when I was going through a really rough time in life and was being bullied nonstop..

I found their music and it just clicked. I fell in love. And I'd lock myself in my room and put their music on repeat and listen for hours. It was during the time when they were broken up- Toshi had left the band to join a cult.

And I remember wishing they were still together, and that they would reunite, but just knew it was unlikely to happen.

Pretty sure I cried a little the first time I watched the PV for "I.V." from the Saw IV soundtrack in 2006.

And then they came here. To New York. To Madison Square Garden. Again, I got really emotional.. They were coming to NYC.. And I just happened to be here..

Money was tight for us when thickets went on sale, and I understood that... But seeing how bummed I was that it wasn't gonna happen, he caved and ordered tickets. That evening.

Their set lasted 3 hours. Naturally, they did tributes to hide and Taiji (both of whom killed themselves, though hide's death was an accident), and they all did solos- Yoshiki's drum solo lasting a whopping 15 minutes.. And Just like with their Last Live concert, he nearly collapsed from putting so much energy into his playing. Sugizo did a violin bit, playing "The Godfather" theme. And Yoshiki did another solo on the piano. It was rather impressive. A stagehand put random sheet music on the piano and he just barely peeked at the notes, unsure of exactly what he was playing but playing it perfectly.

They played the classics- Kurenai, X (the 2 most exciting for me), ENDLESS RAIN, Forever Love (tribute to hide and Taiji), RUSTY NAIL, and some others as well as songs from their upcoming album and I.V.

...And I pretty much cried the whole time.

Yoshiki talked for a bit- about the break up, not speaking to Toshi for 10 years, losing hide and Taiji, and how it had been their dream to play Madison Square Garden for a long time. He cried, I cried, we all cried.

It was an amazing experience and I'm completely gobsmacked that I was able to be there.

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