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When Worlds Collide Season 2 Trailer

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Tori Jacobs [Original]
Imai Katayo [Original]
Zira Firestone [Original]
Fukari [Original]
Sparda [Canon]
Iron Man [Canon]
Kragen [Original]
Garrus Vakarian [Canon]
Sincara [Original]
Aminee Starlight [Original]
Chloe [Original]
Gabrielle [Canon]
Ranko [Original]
Bane [Canon]
Ghost [Original]

The scene opens on a closeup of Tori's face while guns sound off. We cut to the tombstones of her friends on the ground before seeing Imai standing next to Tori.

Imai: Go home.

Tori: You expect me to just walk away?

Imai: With your blindness you're a liability on the field. Go home.

Cut to: Tori and Zira eating

Zira: You're in so much pain.

Flashback to Tori's friends being killed in Aircano, the nightmares, and Legion's zombies attacking her in Sector Twelve.

Zira: How do you take it?

Tori: I just do.

We see Tori passing Wedge onto a helicopter while a voice talks through the images.

???: You are in no condition to challenge the Ancients. Seek out the one called the Blind Assassin in the Jherrazad desert.

Cut to: Fukari leading Tori through the desert

Fukari: The blind leading the blind.

We see images of fire engulfing demons from the hands of Zira Firestone, demons surrounding Sparda as he stands calmly in the middle, Iron Man flying backwards and lifting his repulsors above him, Kragen and Garrus firing at ice monsters through a frozen wasteland, Sincara putting on her hat and turning around, a frontal view of Aminee taking out her pistols and firing, Chloe going “WOOHOO!” while firing from her rifle, Gabrielle going toe to toe with Ranko in a small town, and Bane leading demons through underground tunnels.

Bane: I wonder which will break first? Your spirit...

We see Tori on the ground badly beaten up.


Bane: Or your body?

Bane breaks a toy of Tori before the scene fade to black.

The screen stays black for a while before fading in on a demon like creature standing in the middle of a forest with glowing silver eyes.

Ghost: We meet again, Tori Jacobs.

The scene fade to black.