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Gabrielle Trailer

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Gabrielle [Canon]
Zora C. Manson [Original]
Ares [Canon]
Kaso [Original]

The scene fade into the Crystal Expanse. A large brown, wooden ship comes out of a rift in the sky, the rift closing behind it as the ship falls through the air towards the ground, sliding across the ice and slowing down just a few inches away from the wall. Gabrielle stands up to her feet, and looks around.

Gabrielle: This does not look like Egypt.

The scene fade to black.

Narrator: Welcome back, the Battling Bard of Potidaea.

We see the chakram gliding through the air and disarming Kaso, the Black Knight.

Gabrielle: Did you miss me?

The scene cut to show us images of a frozen wasteland, the black desert, and a small mountain town as more narration plays over the images.

Narrator: Follow her story as she travels across the Crystal Expanse, the Jherrazad Desert, and Moon Valley to uncover the secrets of the Downward Spiral.

We see a closeup of a mystical tower standing tall in the Crystal Expanse.

Narrator: With new friends.

Gabrielle: What's your name?

Zora: My name is Zora C. Mason from the noble house of Slytherin.

Zora draws her wand

Zora: And you will show me the proper respect!

Gabrielle: Put down the stick, Zora.

Zora: This is NOT a stick!

Narrator: Old foes.

Ares appears out of thin air.

Narrator: And new rivalries.


Narrator: As an unlikely pair must work together in a universe slowly being ripped apart.

Zora: Oh, I'm Gabrielle. I wear clothes that barely cover my body, and fight with a Frisbee.

Gabrielle: Stares at Zora

Narrator: This is Gabrielle.

The scene of Gabrielle throwing the chakram for the first time in Jappa plays, and ends with a closeup of Gabrielle looking at the chakram in shock.