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I accidentally made a blog post

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  1. Lonely Paper Star's Avatar
  2. Fynn's Avatar
    You're a big meanie, anyone tell you that?
  3. Lonely Paper Star's Avatar
    Many times.
  4. Ayen's Avatar
    Accidentally... Sure...
  5. Karifean's Avatar
    I accidently made a comment.
  6. Fynn's Avatar
    No, you see, I wanted to reply to a thread on my phone, and instead of clicking "reply with quote" I clicked "blog this post" and didn't even notice the difference >.<

    Why can't I delete blog posts? This is so frustrating!
  7. Karifean's Avatar
    Can you see this comment and all the others? Can you? If so, good, scroll upwards and click the pen icon next to the "Um" title. Even above the Edit Blog Post section should be a Delete Blog Post section.
  8. Fynn's Avatar
    Ah... Okay, great, I see it. Thanks!


    Though at this point, with all these comments, it doesn't feel right deleting this