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Angel Beats!-1st Beat- Demo Released Online

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So Angel Beats!-1st Beat- is supposed to come out on June 26th, though it was originally supposed to come out today, so to make up for that Key put up a free online demo of the game! Of course it's all in Japanese, but if you're interested regardless, you can get it here:

For those that don't know, Angel Beats! is set in an afterlife world where young adults with lingering regrets from when they were alive manifest themselves. Some of them are unwilling to accept the cruelties they had to go through in life, and decide that "if there is a god, they want to kill them." Enter Otonashi, the protagonist, who ends up there without even so much as a clue as to what's going on, and suffering from amnesia so who knows why he's there to begin with.

Angel Beats! was a quite successful 13-episode-long anime series, and is now finally getting a visual novel. It's Key's most ambitious project to date, with Angel Beats! being released across SIX volumes - 1st Beat through 6th Beat - with each volume adding new routes and storylines to the mix.

Of course since Key is my favorite visual novel company, I'm really hyped for it. My current favorite VN of theirs is Little Busters!, and I hope Angel Beats! lives up to or even surpasses it. The anime wasn't all that great but left enough potential for there to be a really amazing story. Hopefully a translation will be available soon enough, but this is a Key VN so it shouldn't take too long.