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Virtue's Last Reward True End Impressions

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Gotta say, I enjoyed Virtue's Last Reward quite a bit more than 999. Right up until "END or BEGINNING", everything was pretty amazing.

This post contains spoilers for the entirety of the Zero Escape series (999 and Virtue's Last Reward). If you have not read it, beware.


The Zero Escape series seems to have this strange habit of having its ultimate reveals be extremely similar to (SPOILER)Ever17. I mean obviously, given their relationship, but still it was almost hilarious how 999 pretty much copied one half of the plot points, and Virtue's Last Reward took the other half. They even made what you can easily interpret as a direct reference to it in the 'extra ending'.

But regardless of its similarities to that visual novel, I really must say I enjoyed the hell out of Virtue's Last Reward. The entire Nonary Game Ambidex Edition was great, and the way you progress in the game by using information won from one path and transferring it to another was really cool. They also handled the increasing reveals pretty well, repeatedly teasing you with almost-reveals before leaving you with a "not quite yet" feeling. In doing so, it always keeps you in its grip in a constant state of anticipation. It works nicely in the story's favor.

I actually expected Tenmyouji to be Aoi and Sigma's body to be Junpei's instead of just his older self's, but I guess it works out how it happened. Still don't have a clue who Phi is.

And now begins the excruciating wait. Because if there's one thing I hate about Virtue's Last Reward, that would be its "true ending" if you can even call it that. That cliffhanger is just the worst. If it had been a self-consistent story much like how 999 was, it would've sit a lot better with me. I sure hope Zero Escape 3 comes out soon, because as long as it doesn't I find it hard to recommend the series. Waiting on a continuation that comes out god knows when is pretty cruel.

Well that's about it. Altogether, I loved VLR. If it wasn't for the cliffhanger ending I'd rank it in my Top 10, probably at the #9 or #10 spot. Even with that non-ending, the Zero Escape series as a whole would still be on there. It's still a bit in the shadows of that other visual novel I keep mentioning, but VLR at least stands out a lot more as its own thing than 999 did.


  1. Formalhaut's Avatar
    I really want them to make the final installment! Ugh. I love the series.