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A Child's First Handheld

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  1. Scotty_ffgamer's Avatar
    I was a bit spoiled when it came to handhelds, I've found. My first handhelds were the Sega Game Gear and the TurboExpress. We had these before I was really old enough to play stuff from what I remember, and I didn't get a hold of Game Boy until the Color had been out a little bit I think. So I had two systems before the Game Boy that had a backlight, one of which played the actual games from the home console (TurboGrafx-16). That screen for the Turbo Express was beautiful if I remember right.

    When i got the Game Boy Color, though, I kind of fell in love. It was actually small and portable, and I had an obsession with Pokemon. I really didn't have much else on the Game Boy back then, but that was all I really needed.
  2. Ayen's Avatar
    I was too. It was all Nintendo for me. Game Boy Color, Advance, Nintendo DS, and now the 3DS. Didn't start looking at the Game Gear or PSP until rather recently and I still haven't played many games from them. It's weird for me playing non-Nintendo handhelds nowadays.