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Days of PokePast - Top and Bottom Pokemon of Gen 1

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Heyyyy, I found my way back to the blog section again finally, and DAMN did I fail my original goal! I even forgot everything I had intended to say about the Gen 1 games after I finished Yellow again. Man, I'm so awesome. >: D

That said though, I've always felt bad that I stated my intention to do something in this space and then simply ignored it right afterwards, especially since I did play through Pokemon Yellow again specifically for better perspective on the first generation. A++ effort right there.

Fortunately, I did make a list of things I noticed while playing the game again, so I still have a bit to say about the games outside of how old they are and that having to change pokemon boxes manually is a terrible thing. Probably the most interesting notes to me were the little blips like, 'Whoooo, Zubat!' (100% NOT a sarcastic comment), 'Hell yeah I bought that Magikarp!' (because we all did it), and 'Day of Ghastly is near' (there is an inside joke here <.<). Turns out, to the great shock of anyone else who started with Gen 1 I'm sure, that I am particularly fond of most of the original 151 Pokemon. So I figured, "Hey, I could make a top ten list of my favorite Gen 1 Pokemon. I mean, it's been done to death, but why the hell not?"

Because then I saw I got a damn Lickitung, that's why not! >: |


And thus, in the swells of over-entitled fat guy anger and the fiery depths of Mount Doom, a new (this is a relative term) idea was forged, and I decided to split my top ten list in half: a top and bottom five Pokemon of Gen 1. Which I will now subject you to.

You are welcome.

Top Pokemon
(In no particular order)

5) Hitmonlee

I'm not going to lie, fighting Pokemon have it rough in Gen 1, what with Psychic Pokes running rampant with no real check and the lack of solid high power stab attacks. But I've never cared about that, even as a kid where winning was always the most important thing and everyone had at least three Mewtwos, I was still rocking my Hitmonlee. I love the simple kickboxer look he's rocking, especially the taped up legs, and he's stated well for a fighting Pokemon, with respectable speed and great physical attack, not to mention having High Jump Kick in his back pocket. It also probably helped matters that I definitely preferred Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan as a kid.

4) Aerodactyl

It's a dinosaur.
I was 11.
Best Pokemon ever.

3) Weezing

This pick is almost cheating for two reasons:

1) I hated this thing as a kid

2) I still don't like it in Gen 1

That said, since the introduction of levitate in Gen 3 and psychic Pokemon being pushed to the side with the introduction of Dark and Steel types in Gen 2, Weezing has pretty solidly become one of my favorite Pokemon from the original games, packing excellent physical bulk and resistances alongside a surprisingly useful movepool and respectable special attack stat. The visual design is a bit iffy, I admit, but I still like it well enough. It's also one of the best partners I ever brought into Pokestar Studios, because no one expects the Weezing ninja.

No one.

(God I miss Pokestar Studios)

2) Tauros

Kings come and kings go, but one things remains the same, and that is my love for this Pokemon. Due to odd mechanical choices in the original Pokemon generations, Tauros was an absolute BEAST and had the ability to tear holes through virtually anything thrown against him, and he was always one of my big targets once I hit the Safari Zone. I've always loved the simple bull design he's rocking, and it lends itself well to the image I have of his Body Slam being more like a satisfying headlong rush into things. Good stuff.

Tauros is also fairly interesting in that he neither gained (like Lee) nor lost (like Cloyster) anything from the Gen 2 special split, but still ended up substantially worse in those titles and has never really climbed back up to where he used to be. He's even received a few surprising boons in Sheer Force and Intimidate without finding much new attention, but so is the way of Pokemon I suppose. He's still one of my favorites in the series though, and a Pokemon I am always happy to find.

1) Haunter

I can safely say without reservation that Haunter is my favorite Pokemon in the franchise. When I first saw one of these in Lavender Town, with its grin and floating hands, I knew I needed one based on design alone. Then after catching one I learned it not only looked awesome, but was also completely amazing in battle as well, with a phenomenal stat spread, move pool, and unique typing (that got it killed by Mewtwo in one hit like so many other things I loved in Gen I ;_; ). Even better, the Haunter family line has remained strong through each generation, so while many of my favorite Pokemon end up clearly outclassed as the series progresses, this one never has.

Really, about the only downside to Haunter that whole trade-evolution stipulation, but that's basically a non-issue now with Internet trading, and I never really minded it much before that anyway, seeing that I don't actually like Gengar as much.

Let me tell you though, that girl in Snowpoint has a hell of a sense of humor.

Bottom Five
(Possibly in some kind of order)

5) Raticate

In a way I kind of want to give Raticate a break, because, in all fairness, the family isn't designed to be especially good or useful, and the whole 'endeavor -> quick attack' combo on a level 1 Rattata is hilarious when it actually works, but honestly I just . . . can't. I can't. Raticate looks terrible, even all these years later, and it has an absolutely abysmal move pool to use with its poor stats. I mean, you CAN do damage with the thing, assuming a lucky suckerpunch or swordsdanced Facade with Guts active, but really, it just isn't enough for me to even remotely like this 'mon.

4) Lickitung

The situation here is basically the same as Raticate above, only Gen 1 also gave me Clefairy, Wigglytuff, and Chansey in the 'odd pink things' category to pick from, whereas Raticate was rather on its own. This means that I not only dislike the design, stat spread, and movepool Lickitung is rocking, but I also have three other superior designs to compare it against, all of which are (usually) easier to obtain (a bizarre trait shared with Farfetch'd, actually. :/). I'm sure someone has found some entertainment with this 'mon, but I really haven't. I can't even get a good laugh out of how silly the thing looks. >.<

3) Geodude

Fortunately, we have a bit of departure from form here, because I actually don't think Geodude is a bad Pokemon; a bit specialized, to be sure, but not bad. I don't even have anything in particular against its design -- it's a punching rock that gets mad when people trip over it, and people even throw these things at each other in snowball fights.

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Seems legit to me. So, why is it on this list then? What is there not to like? Actually, my only problem with Geodude is how well I feel other Generations have done with what is basically the exact same 'mon. I never want a Geodude in my party because I'd rather have an Aron or Roggenrola, and it really offers me nothing that I don't feel has been done better in every other incarnation. This is almost a unique situation in the series for me too, because I cannot think of another example where this is true. This isn't a simple case of better options appearing down the road, like with Pidgey and Starly for instance, but more like the better options so totally eclipse the previous offering that there is nothing of particular value or novelty to be had in it any more. I'll still rock a Geodude (hue) from time to time, but it will never end up in my end game teams due to these other options.

2) Mr. Mime

So, let me tell you about clowns. I like clowns, though I find them a bit loud for my tastes. But that isn't relevant here, because Mr. Mime is a mime, not a clown, which is actually a quite different thing. I just wanted you all to know that I like clowns. Also that I dislike Mr. Mime.

As for why I dislike Mr. Mime, well, it's basically a visual thing here, because I actually think Gamefreak did some interesting things with the 'mon in the series. I really hate the stringy limb look this thing has going on, and the inflated hands that go with it, not to mention the face bothers me a lot. I dunno, I'm just not a fan of this thing's look at all, and nothing about it has ever really 'wow'ed me into using for anything to get past that. It does have decent stats though, and a decent enough movepool, so I suppose it can run with offensive or utility sets if the player wants for some fun variety, but, eh, overall nothing exists to salvage this one for me. Mime certainly isn't a Pokemon I won't use (though few are), but it is easily one I won't pickup on my own and is an easy fit onto this list.

1) Kakuna / Metapod

I love when I catch a Pokemon and all it knows is harden. That's my favorite. I don't know what it is, but even when I evolve into these things so I have an attack I don't like then. Even though they only last a few levels and offset their slightly lower attack values with much better defense, I still don't like them. It must be some kind of strange psychological thing, just knowing that something better is coming but that I have to wait. This I disapprove of. >: | At least you know what cocoon you are getting with these things though, unlike the Wurmple ones that I manage to dislike even more.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next time when I cover . . . something else from these notes. ^_^ /
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