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Best of luck to Square Enix

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So much irony in me saying these words.

My thoughts are with the Square Enix team working on the Final Fantasy VII Remake and I wish them all the best. The amount of pressure they're going to get working on something that is considered the best RPG of all time by millions could kill a person. No matter what they do, people are going to bitch when the game doesn't live up to their expectations.

They could keep EVERYTHING from the original game in it and I still predict people will whine. I can already foresee, "The new graphics ruin the tone of all the quirky moments!"

"They have lips! OMG why do they have lips? Game ruined!"

"The voice acting sucks!"

"This man are sick doesn't sound as good coming from an actual voice and the fact Square didn't fix it just shows laziness."


I feel like Cid Highwind, "SIT DOWN AND DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA!"

I only want them to make the best game they can, just like they did eighteen years ago. This is the first piece of news out of Square Enix in a long time where I'm legitimately excited to see what comes next and has me wanting to run out to buy a PS4 the first chance I get.

All aboard the mother smurfing hype train!