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Del Murder

Fantasy Football - Week 3

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Time for another update on my progress in the EoFF fantasy football league (or lack thereof).

I officially declare that I am not good at fantasy football. I only ever do good based on luck and the fact that I'm not an idiot. Those two are really all you need to win fantasy football.

I've made some key mistakes this year in my draft that are based on my principles of fantasy baseball (future blog entry?) which just don't work in football. It's only week 3 so I won't do a grand evaluation of my team just yet, but I can already see where I've gone wrong in a few places.

My week 3 opponent is the Fighting Combatants, who is managed by cz (can't remember what his current EoFF name is, maybe just cz). He is a tough opponent as his team does pretty well each year, so I had my work cut out for me. This week I had scrambling because I had a giant hole on my roster at RB2 (I was not about to play Harrison against Baltimore, and he's injured anyway). I really had nothing there because all my other RBs are backup players.

Earlier in the week I was proposed a trade. Standard WR & RB for WR & RB deal where one team gets an upgrade at one position and downgrade at another. The first offer I rejected straight away because the WR offered was barely a bye week fill in and not a starter. But then I got a second offer that included a better WR (not as good as mine but still a pretty good WR3). That one definitely had me thinking. The RB was also a Raider which made me biased (in both good and bad ways). Ultimately I decided not to make the deal because it was too early to make a big shake-up like that and also there were questions surrounding the RB I was getting (which I knew all too well after having followed him for these last few years). Finally, a late injury to the Broncos' starting RB allowed me to pick up his backup and I was satisfied with going with that option for this week.

Well, it turns out both the players I would have gotten had awesome games and my players did horrible. If I had them I probably would have won, and as it stands I'm probably going to lose. If Driver can outscore Matt Forte by 15 points tomorrow I win. Fat chance though, especially since Forte did crap for me last year so naturally he'll burn me this year.

And to top it all off the Raiders had a makeable last-minute winning field goal after making some crazy 4th and 13 play and of course Janikowski shanked it. Not a great day in my sports world.