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Neon Lights, Large soda, and a handful of quarters...

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So lately I've been reminded of one of my life goals was that I wanted to one day build my own arcade for myself. Get all the games I grew up on and just have a fun little place devoted to letting me play through the classics and relieve the arcade scene I grew up in. I've been discussing this with friends as we try to create a list of the games we would add to the arcade. Of course there would be the classics like Galaga, Gauntlet, Pac-Man, Paperboy, Frogger, and Dig Dug but I also thought about some of my own personal favorites that really stuck with me and got me really invested in gaming such as the two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle arcade machines, the original Street Fighter II, Aliens Vs. Predator, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, X-Men, Super Puzzle Fighter, Street Fighter III, Darkstalkers, Virtual-On, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Sengoku, World Heroes, Mystic Warriors, and maybe a few more.

Feeling nostalgic...


  1. FFNut's Avatar
    I had a room dedicated to video games when I was a little better off before everything went south and I was forced to sell my home. In it I didn't have an arcade but I had every system from the NES, to a Dreamcast, to the PS3 and an X-box 360. All had their own TV and I had a couple of Lazyboys un the muddle that swiveled to all of them. It was my games room which I loved and I can't wait to build it again too. I was looking at arcade as well but just didn't have the space yet.
  2. Slothy's Avatar
    Buying arcade cabinets can be pricey. But a more DIY solution (and maybe even more enjoyable if you're that sort of person) is to build your own cabinet(s) and have computers running MAME inside. You can even get into some crazy stuff like custom sticks, buttons, layouts. Decorate the outside with some classic arcade game artwork. Or even get a cab where the game no longer works on the cheap, gut it, and use it instead of making your own.

    So many options. I may have thought about this a bit myself.
  3. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    I don't know, part of me would prefer the original cabinets just because of nostalgia and to really give it that arcade feel. I may build my own if the game in question is too expensive or difficult to acquire but I would like to pretty much build an old school arcade.