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Colonel Angus

Super Mario Maker: Day One

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Due to technical problems re: my WiFi, I wasn't able to play Super Mario Maker until 5 days after it's release. Nonetheless, I have to say that I'm just glad to have started it. Super Mario Maker was not only my most anticipated game in a long time, but one of the most anticipated games of the year. My early prognosis is it was worth all the hype. However, I haven't played through it fully, so I'll save a full review for after I've unlocked all the essentials.

Apparently, the 9 day wait to unlock everything was tossed aside by Nintendo. In a day I unlocked @ least 2-3 days worth of stuff. This was nice, as it rewards players for sticking with the create mode, as opposed to just filling in 5 minutes and waiting until tomorrow.

The game gives you the bare minimum to work w/ right out of the box. You have a Super Mushroom power up (which randomly may turn into the Luigi Mushroom, something I've seen twice already). I've also played the random gnat swatting game (which unlocks the Builder Mario suit), but I didn't get far.

As more accessories became available, Create mode became more fun. What was fun right out of the box has been playing others' levels. The automatic levels are interesting, and there's something for n00bs and Old Schoolers alike.

While playing others' levels, you do come across amiibo costumes. These can be unlocked when you win 100 Mario Mode, or if you own the corresponding amiibo. I picked up the Dr. Mario, Toad & Pac-Man amiibos for myself (The Anniversary one is sold out everywhere @ for the time being). These don't affect gameplay much, they're more for entertainment value.

Overall, I find Super Mario Maker quite enjoyable. Can't wait to play again tomorrow.
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