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Colonel Angus

Super Mario Maker: Days 2 & 3

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By the third day I had unlocked all the items in the creator (excluding the mystery mushroom costumes).

Speaking of Mystery Mushroom costumes, yesterday I beat 100 Mario mode on the medium setting (which you must to unlock Expert, more on that later). Which costume did I get rewarded w/? Tingle. Yes, Tingle. That green little weirdo from Wind Waker. My god, who the hell wants Tingle! I'm guessing it's random, because Tingle is something that should be given as a punishment for losing on Easy.

I'm just kidding, Tingles OK... ish.

I've found a lot of levels that are incredibly poor in their design. I know I'm no design expert, but my god, some of these are bad. That's not to say there aren't any great levels. I found a French lady's (assuming by the Mii it's a she), who made very professional designs. There's also a ton of "automatic" levels that are a treat.

Myself, I've uploaded 3 stages.

Red Pill/Blue Pill: D376-0000-0046-E80F (A SMB underground level featuring Dr. Mario)
Ancient Ruins: FD2C-0000-004D-34EC (A SMW underwater level- Quite a challenge)
Jumping Castle: 9E48-0000-004D-7097 (A SMB castle level featuring Slippy Toad)
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